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Earlier this year, Standard Manufacturers invested in a briquetting machine/pucker/ coolant recycler system. This investment was part of our ongoing initiative to optimize our operations and increase the value we deliver for our customers.

This innovative , new system consists of two different pieces of equipment:

1. The Applied Recovery Systems model RST 600 Briquetting Machine squeezes the shavings collected from the machine into pucks that can be returned to the aluminum ingot supplier. The aluminum shavings, also known as swarf, are collected from the CNC machines and put into the briquetting machine. The shavings are automatically squeezed at 60,000 psi, removing 99% of the coolant and oils.

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2. The coolant that has been squeezed out of the briquettes is then pumped into a SmartSkim model 375 coolant recycler. The coolant is skimmed of oils and then filtered to 5 microns. After being skimmed and filtered numerous times, it is pumped into a holding tank where water is added to bring concentration levels back to the required specification. Once we have it within our concentration levels, it is added back to the machines for coolant top-up.

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Standard Manufacturers continues to research, evaluate, and implement innovative technologies that will increase our efficiency and add more value for our customers while helping the environment. Truly a winning combination!